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This is a Vulva is for anyone that feels that their vulva is 'wrong' or ugly.

And it's for anyone that loves their vulva and wants to share the truth that all vulvas are absolutely wonderful, just as they are. 

We're here to teach people what the vulva is (not a vagina) and what it looks like. 

To celebrate vulvas of all shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

To reduce the desire for labiaplasty, by loving the labias we have already.


Join the vulvalution

Wear a vulva

Eco-friendly, unisex clothes with vulvas on. Plus half the profits go to Bloody Good Period. What's not to love?

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Get familiar with vulvas. Follow us on Instagram for heaps of amazing artwork.

Make vulvas

To find out when and where we're holding our next vulva-making workshop, or if you would like us to host one for you, get in touch below.


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If you have any questions, want to find out about vulva-making workshops or just have a really funny vagina story, get in touch.


We are part of the Environmenstrual Coalition, fighting for #PlasticFreePeriods


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