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We want people to love their vulva, no matter what size, shape or colour. And we want everyone to know what vulvas look like. We're fed up of seeing cock and balls scribbled everywhere. We want to see more vulvas.

So we started an Instagram feed full of just that. Vulvas for as far as the eye can see. Painted ones, sculpted ones, illustrated ones, printed ones and even a snow one. The more vulvas are out in the world, the more normal they will become to us all. No more embarrassment, no more confusion about which bit is which and no more shame about what they look like. They are all different, they are all brilliant.

We also decided to set up a vulva clothing line. Our logo is a vulva we designed for a screen print a few years ago. It's a strong vulva. It's not hidden in a flower or masquerading as something else. (Although it does look a bit like a woman with her hands on her hips, and a superhero logo) It is a vulva. And you can get it on unisex t-shirts, jumpers and bags. Plus they are all made from organic cotton, environmentally produced and printed on the Isle of Wight. AND 50% of the profits go to Bloody Good Period, providing menstrual products for asylum seekers and homeless women in the UK. Pretty good, right?  

But it's not just knowing what they look like. We want to make the words vagina and vulva normal and not in the slightest bit embarrassing. Which is why we talk about vulvas. A lot. 60% of young women are too embarrassed to go to the doctor and use the word labia. A third of women are not getting smear tests because they are embarrassed that they look and smell 'wrong'. British girls as young as nine are asking doctors for labiaplasty. And the numbers are rising each year.

This needs to change.

This is a Vulva is here to help us love and accept our vulvas, exactly as they are. Which is why we run vulva-making workshops to celebrate our fabulous bodies. You can't make something without knowing what it looks like, and you can't get a room full of women together making vulvas without hearing some truly excellent vagina stories. 


Join the vulvalution

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Eco-friendly, unisex clothes with vulvas on. Plus half the profits go to Bloody Good Period. What's not to love?

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Get familiar with vulvas. If you own one, grab a hand mirror. And also follow us on Instagram for heaps of amazing artwork.

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To find out when and where we're holding our next vulva-making workshop, or if you would like us to host one for you, get in touch below.


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If you have any questions, want to find out about vulva-making workshops or just have a really funny vagina story, get in touch.


We are part of the Environmenstrual Coalition, fighting for #PlasticFreePeriods