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This is a Vulva is a sex education and vulva acceptance campaign to stem the rise in labiaplasty.

We're here to teach people what the vulva is (not a vagina) and celebrate the diversity in genitalia. 

We know that when people learn about vulva diversity and see photos and images of vulvas that look like their own, they start to accept their own genitals and feel happier. And who doesn't want a happy vulva?

Here's a few stats for you from the Gynodiversity project, that looked at over 300 vulvas and will help you to see that there is more than just that one type of white, hairless vulva with barely-there labia that is so often seen in mainstream, free porn.

  • 73% of vulvas have inner labia that protrude further than the outer labia. That means you can see the inner labia peeking out.

  • 48% of labia are not symmetrical, meaning they look different on each side.

  • 93% of inner labia have texture, with 74% being 'moderate' to 'marked'. So no, you don't need those vulva smoothing masks because vulvas are gloriously textured.

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Fun and inclusive vulva workshops to find out more about the vulva. And you get to make a vulva too!

Show your love for diverse vulvas with these beautiful vulva products

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If you have any questions, want to find out about vulva-making workshops or just have a really funny vulva story, get in touch.

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We are part of the Environmenstrual Coalition, fighting for #PlasticFreePeriods


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