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It's important to check your vulva each month, same as you check your breasts.

It's best to check by using a mirror but you can take a photo on your phone.

You are looking out for:

  • Lumps and bumps

  • Sores and ulcers

  • Unusual discharge

  • White patches

  • Burning

  • Persistent itching

  • Anything that is unusual FOR YOU

If you notice anything different or anything that is sore, you must go see a doctor. These are all signs that something could be wrong. And it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Don't worry, doctors have honestly seen it all before. You do not have to be embarrassed or remove your pubic hair.

If you want a free monthly reminder, by email, sign up below.

You will never be contacted for any other reason than me reminding you to check your vulva.

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