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Discharge is a normal, often daily occurrence for anyone with a vulva. Discharge cleans your vagina by catching any germs and washing them out. It's slightly acidic, like your vagina, which means it can bleach underwear. It can also let you know where in your menstrual cycle you are, whether you have any infections or STI's and also acts as energising food for sperm.

Just like with the silence around vulva diversity, we're rarely taught about discharge and this has led to far too many of us believing that we're broken or dirty. Discharge is seen as disgusting and embarrassing. Pants must be whipped off quickly and hidden so no one sees the stains, the wetness, the crustiness.

Well, consider this Discharge Gallery as part of the solution. Browse through the following photos of pants, sent to me by lovely helpful people (thank you all so much) all with discharge in its various healthy forms - creamy, milky, white, brown, translucent, pinkish, abundant, minimal, dried and soaking wet.

If your discharge is grey, green, chunky, has a strong foul odour or is suddenly a lot more than usual then this could be a sign of an infection and you should get it checked out by a doctor.

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