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Everything you need to know that you didn't get taught at school.

Over 50 photos of uncensored, non-seggsual vuvas so you can see a huge variety of what the
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This book is everything I think you need to know about the vulva. To ensure it's medically and scientifically accurate, I got Dr Aziza Sesay, a brilliant GP here in the UK, to check and edit it. So you can be certain there's no yoni steaming and jade egg advice (other than avoid at all costs).

Importantly, the book contains over 50 photos of a variety of vulvas, sent in to me by my wonderful audience. These photos help you to fully understand the huge diversity in vulvas and to see that yours is not 'wrong' or 'abnormal'.

The book, like all my work, is gender inclusive.

This is the Vulva is only £5 for a physical copy and £3 for a downloadable PDF. It's important to me that this information is accessible to everyone.

The Book: Text


Lovely little book every person with a vulva (or without!) should read, especially little girls. Society teaches us from a young age that there is something shameful about the way our vulvas look. This book would have completely changed my perception if I'd read this years ago! Thank you to the author for being such a wonderful human being bringing this book into the world. Cannot recommend it enough.

Younger me would’ve felt so much better about her body if she’d seen that vulvas come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so hopefully we can all help someone feel a bit more confident.

Thank you for educating people and being great.



The Book: Testimonials

So vitally detailed! Essential reading to speak about the things we don’t speak about - thank you so much for making this book!


It’s so so good. My daughter is 17 and has always been super self conscious of her outie labia. Reading this with her made her feel comfortable for the first time ever. I’m eternally grateful.


The Book: Testimonials
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