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A little look at everything in my Etsy shop.
Spoiler: everything has vulvas on.

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Over 50 photos of uncensored, non-seggsual vuvas so you can see a huge variety of what the

The book you should have had as a teenager. This book is jam packed with all of the information you should have been taught about the vulva.

This book covers everything: 

What all the bits are and how they differ

The clitoris and it's sad history

How to look after your vulva

Common vulval problems

Why 'feminine hygiene' products are unnecessary



The importance of language

And a  huge huge HUGE variety of over 50 vulvas

£5 for a physical copy and £3 for a downloadable PDF

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Make Your Own Vulva Kit

A beautiful craft kit to make a felt vulva that looks just like yours. Full of all the materials you need plus a booklet with simple instructions, plus some sneaky vulva diversity information and general vulva health facts because sharing is caring.

The perfect solo craft activity for getting to know your body more and celebrating your vulva. And a fun group activity for a Friday night, a birthday or a Hen party.

You don't need to be a master crafter or be head over heels in love with your vulva. But you do need to be open to the idea of looking at your vulva in the mirror.

Available in pink and brown.


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All organic bags_pink background_s.jpg

Organic and FairTrade cotton bags, each with a felt vulva on. 

The vulvas come in three colours; pink, brown and dark brown, and a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Perfect for carrying everything you need for smashing the patriarchy. 


Three on fluffy with flower.jpg

Love your vulva, love someone else's vulva, love the diversity of vulvas.

This magnet vulva heart will remind you how great vulvas are whenever you go to your fridge to grab milk for your tea.


Wrinkly vulva.jpg

Printed on recycled paper, this is an A5 illustration of a gloriously wrinkled vulva.


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