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Too rude for instagram

I’m using this blog to celebrate things I’ve found online that are vulva positive and super important but are deemed unacceptable by Instagram. And the first thing I knew I wanted to share was this image from @bare.nakd of @heaven.n.elle. This image did the rounds on Instagram a while ago and I just LOVED it from the moment I saw it. However Instagram quickly took it down from my feed and I didn’t want to risk putting it back up again.

The reason I love this image so much is because we so rarely see beautiful and sexy photos of vulvas that have protruding labia. Which is maddening because according the Gynodiversity research 73% of vulvas have protruding inner labia. To see a vulva with labia like this, shot in such a wonderful way, gives me hope that more mainstream porn might celebrate vulvas like this. The more we see of all types of vulvas, the more we accept the vulva we have as we realise that they fit, they are normal and we are not the only ones that look like this.

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